About Us

We do not use sub contractors 

Our own imported profiling machines are used on site

We are registered with DTI (Department of trade and industry)

We are members of EBI (Ekuruleni Business Initiative )

Our Gutters have an Ogee profile and are produced in two profile sizes, the 125 mm or larger 150 mm

Our residential and industrial gutters easily collect and deliver water from large roof areas

-Chromadek / colorbond gutters require no maintenance 

-Chromadek / colorbond gutters are factory guaranteed for 30 years-

-They are completely waterproof,since they have no joints or seams

-Gutters are lightweight

-Gutters are lightwieight

-Gutters are available in multi colors that blend in and lend a professional finish to your 

or development

-The Chromadek / Colorbond gutters are manufactured on your premises and all the joining

and tracking components are rust proof

-The gutters are mechanically roll formed to any length to minimize joints

-The gutters are attached to your brandering or perlin with components consisting of

nickel cadmium covered, self drilling screws 650 mm apart.